Loving the ability to let guests edit!

Hey, I just started using Dynalist today and I’m really impressed by the simplicity, as well as a number of features that aren’t found in other apps in this space. I plan on paying for the pro version once my trial is up.

This one feature really stood out for me though; the ability to share a link and allow the recipient/guest to edit it without creating a Dynalist account. (and not crowding the page with sign up buttons!)

I’m just wondering, is this how you plan to keep it for the forseable future? Or is it just a matter of time before guests are required to have a Dynalist account before they can edit a shared document?

Thanks for the kind note!

No, we have no plan to remove this functionality! You can always share it with specific Dynalist users via their emails if you want the privacy though :slight_smile:

Thanks, Erica! That’s good to hear, and thanks for the tip. :smile:

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