Long item notes not appearing in android app or desktop version

Steps to reproduce

Place a very long note in the notes field - in my case the note is approx 1500 words/9000 characters

Expected result

Note displayed in full or a warning given if any imposed limit has been exceeded

Actual result

Complete absence of any note content in android app or desktop version (ok on web version)


Windows 10
Chrome 59
Android app - latest version (updated this week)
Desktop v1.0.34

@Shida any idea?

The good news is that the web version is ahead of the other versions, so if I guessed correctly, with the next update it should be fixed on the other platforms.

That’s strange. I’ll do some testing on this later today.

Since I’ve just touched the rendering code and styles, it’s entirely possible that this is now fixed, because the changes are only on the web version right now. We’ll have to see if it still fails once desktop and mobile gets deployed.

I’ve tested with lengths up to 13,000 characters, but it seems to show up on desktop and android for me. Same versions as well.

This is very strange. The issue persisted for me with this note. I deleted it and tried to recreate the bug myself but I couldn’t! I’m now wondering if it was a sync issue? Either way, it appears to be resolved. I’ll report back if it recurs. Thanks for looking into it though - much appreciated. :+1:

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