Lists, docs, 'document pane', export function

on Convert between items and documents - Dynalist Help Center

it uses the term ‘document pane’ but this term doesnt seem to be used anywhere else

what’s a ‘document pane’

on Export list or document - Dynalist Help Center

there seems to be a distinction between ‘lists’ and ‘docs’ tho not sure what that would be

If you’re exporting a list, open the item menu and choose “Export…”. If you’re exporting a document, right click on the document and choose “Export…”.

what’s the distinction? i dont see it anywhere, seems hard to find

it would seem more efficient overall and simply overally better if any gifs or images or updates or something were updated to these pages for longterm

export function is super unusual

right click note > export > ‘formatted’ tab

  • you can just copy the note/list. so it doesnt appear to make any sense, if this is the case, could this just be cleaned up?

  • exporting also creates a ‘grey background as a box’ around the list/note, im guessing it does it for most common software/programs

  • it seems better to just copy as it does alter/change the white background of both source and destination

because of this, not sure what purpose, or common purpose, ‘formmated’ and ‘plain text’ serves

Lists have bullet points. They are on the right side of the screen, if you have the left pane open. The right side is what’s called the “document pane” here.

Documents appear in the left pane, and they have a document icon rather than a bullet point.

Export gives you more control. For example, you can choose to export visible items only, so that collapsed items are not copied over.

In the software (like Word), choose paste without formatting, that should fix it.

If you don’t find it useful, don’t use it, it’s not like it’s in your way, since it’s hidden in a menu. As far as I know, it’s useful for other people to copy in different formats. It also makes downloading each format easy.