Linking to files in windows app does not work any more

Steps to reproduce

I was using windows app and linking to internal files worked fine. Starting from several days ago, it did not work any more. However, web browser version works fine.

Expected result

It used to open a file, like a pdf.

Actual result

It ends up with a message like this:

No document is open

  • Search for files with file finder with Ctrl+O
  • Create a new document
  • Open a document from the file explorer


Windows 7 & 10. Dynalist 1.0.47.

Additional information

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Additional comments

Thanks for the report! We’ve aware of the issue and will fix it as soon as we can.

What do you mean? The web version shouldn’t be able to access files on your hard drive :scream:

@11124 It’s been a while, and from our end it looks like the bug is fixed in the latest version of the desktop app.

Is it fixed for you?