"link to item" search window gets cut off on mobile

Steps to reproduce

Link to an item by typing [[.

Expected result

The “link to item” search window is shown, and the results are visible (or at worst truncated on the right).

Actual result

If some of the search results are long the search window gets cut off on the left hand side, and you can’t see the start text of any of the items. Even if you delete some characters from the search term the search window remains at its expanded width (until you delete all the characters in the search and start over).

For example:


Android native app.

Oh wow damn, sorry about that! Was this a new bug recently introduced or was it always like this?

Edit: I can repro!

@Shida It’s always been like this, but just now got around to reporting it.

Should be fixed in the last deploy!

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Great! Will this fix be in the Android native release for this month?


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