Link to an email (similar to todoist)

Sometimes I need to refer to an email, either to follow it up or as additional information or something, so the challenge is how to be able to push the email link to dynalist directly from the email client (outlook in my case)

Clients like Gmail allow you to get a link of the email.

Does Outlook have similar functionality?

no it doesnt for the desktop version

I don’t know if that can be done then. Normally if an app supports linking (i.e. if things can be opend via links in that app), the app should provide links to copy, like OneNote.

It also depends on the version of Outlook you’re using.

I don’t see how Todoist (I assume that’s what you meant by “dodoist”?) can link to an email. I was mainly looking at this documentation: The Best To Do List App & Task Manager

Do you mean forwarding emails to Dynalist instead?

If you install the Todoist Gmail plugin, you can then turn any Gmail message into a Todoist item in one click.

What happens is it translates the email into Subject (in markdown) then submits it as a new todoist task.