LaTeX, text style of subscripts don't work

Steps to reproduce

Enter the following line and press enter:

Expected result

A rendered formula with an A and bold subscript B

Actual result

Just the formula I entered, without LaTeX rendering


OSX El Capitan, Chrome, Desktop App, Dynalist 1.0.43

Additional comments

I tried the formula in the KaTeX editor ( ) and there it rendered correctly

Thanks for reporting the bug! Nice catch, I can repro it as well.

@Shida, this is probably related to the escape character we implemented. Could you take a look a this?

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Hi @tomyum, we updated KaTeX in our web app, could you confirm if it works now?

Hi @Erica, Yes, it works now! Looks like the problem is solved. Excellent, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for taking the time to reply!