Landscape issue

Steps to reproduce

Get an iPhone launch the Dynalist app. In a file create a new bullet and add a due date
Choose the date and put a time by typing in the box rotate iPhone to landscape.

Expected result

Actual result

The screen is out of whack and cannot get out of that option to go back. Can not zoom out or scroll back


Which operating system are you using? iOS 13.2
Which browser are you using? Dynalist app
If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist? iOS app
Are you using any third-party scripts for Dynalist, e.g. PowerPack? No

Additional information

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Additional comments

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I’ll take a look. What iPhone are you using btw?

Iphone xs max eunning ios 13.2

I must be doing something wrong here… Can you send me a screenshot of before you rotate, and after you rotate? If you can record a video of the whole process it’d be even better.


This is the date menu before rotating

Notice the text cursor is in place now after rotating

But after i hide the keyboard and rotate back



I hope this helps

Doesn’t look like the images are showing up – you can directly paste/drag them to upload to the forum.

Does this work i can see what I uploaded. Is there a direct email If this does not work?

OK I can see that happening on my side. Seems to be some kind of iOS bug that we’re running into…

For a workaround, you can close the keyboard by pressing “Done”, rotate to Landscape, and rotate back. We’ll see if this can be fixed through a native patch.

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I’m seeing this too. Will this be fixed? It’s been around for a while. Makes the app feel really buggy and unoredictable. I’m laying down on a couch or bed and even accidentally rotate my phone and boom, Half of my screen disappears.

I concur. Devs if it’s hard to fix the landscape issue can you please implement an option to ALWAYS portrait mode? Here’s my use case:

I’m standing. I look at my phone, tap an item to type some stuff. I look up, from my phone to think, let my arm relax to my side. Phone goes landscape mode. DynaList activates the above bug. I look at my phone again and it returrns to portrait. This is an extremely common occurrence.

I don’t use landscape anyway, too few lines of text. If I could have an app-specific option to never rotate DynaList, I would be satisfied.

Seems like we’ve never gotten around to a fix for this. I’ve taken a look but I wasn’t able to fix it quickly.

As for locking into portrait mode, I’ve always just used iOS’s native orientation lock. Maybe that’s not desirable for your use case but I found that I’ve often disabled screen rotation precisely because of the issue you described even in other apps.

Yes but that’s a pain because I want other apps to go sideways. And I switch back and forth.

Understandable, we’ll see what we can do on our next iOS release.

Fixed! Will be released in 1.4.4.

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