Items with multiple dates don't sync to GCal as expected

Steps to reproduce

Make a new item containing 2 dates such as
test !(2021-11-01) !(2021-11-02)

Expected result

It will add 2 duplicate events to my GCal - on Nov 1, and a duplicate event on Nov 2.

Unrelated to dynalist, GCal will then send me a seperate reminder on both days.

Actual result

It makes 1 (or sometimes 2) event(s) on Nov 1 in GCal.


Chrome, Mac

Additional information

Additional comments

Is multiple dates on one item unsupported? it just strips all but the first date, then syns to GCal? We need to make a seperate item for each date?

I think multiple dates per item isn’t supported, last I remember it just picks out the first date for the item.

Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen a lot of demand for having multiple dates assigned to a single item - the only case that’s frequent is recurring events,