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In Trello, A card has a “card page” to display all the meta-information of the card, say like, the creation time, last editing time (even the revision history?), tag’s and so on.

Will it be some day that an item get’s it “item page” pop up?

I don’t think so, that would change Dynalist too much. One thing I don’t like about Trello is that it’s hard to edit things like plain text.

But there are other ways to display meta-information that doesn’t require an item page. Are you suggesting we should add the means (“item page”) or fulfill the end (“display all the meta-finromation”)?

Thanks for your prompt reply, Erica.

I understand your viewpoint of not adding an item page. And, after your explanation, I very much agree on your view.

I think, what I want is to “view and search by the meta information”.


If you didn’t know, hover over the bullet point gives you last edited time. @ruud suggested we should show a “created time” (“Created” date), but other than that I don’t know what other metadata can be shown. Tags are already part of content, so it might be unnecessary to show it again.

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Yes, creation time will be useful. Also, if in “Hide notes mode”, show notes in the mouse hovering way will be useful.

It already does that, no? When you hover over the “…” icon, it shows the note content in the tooltip.

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Sorry for not bringing it clear enough. What I meant was to combine the last edited tooltip and the notes tooltip.

Will Completion time be useful? That means when I check off an item, it shows when did I check it off.

I guess it’s useful to some people, but it’s not something that we currently track.

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