Item not wrapping when text ends in consecutive spaces

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an item with the text Foo.
  2. Within the item, hold down the spacebar so a ton of spaces are appended to the end of the item.

Expected result

Once the spaces reach the line length, the text begins to wrap.

Actual result

When the cursor reaches the end of the item’s bounding box it just “stops”, but the spaces continue to be added beyond the bounding box. If you click and highlight the text you’ll see that the spaces extend to the right beyond the text box.


Desktop, Chrome.

Text wrapping behavior for element classes can be changed in custom CSS, but what is a hypothetical scenario where this would ever matter, though? If you type a non-space character, it does wrap it to the next line. Or you can wrap it manually with Insert new line.

what is a hypothetical scenario where this would ever matter, though?

Not saying it’s causing any issues for me, just reporting the bug as it’s unexpected behavior. I discovered it when I accidentally had held the spacebar and noticed the whitespaces extended outside of the box when trying to highlight to delete them.

Spaces don’t always line-break - CSS lets you choose white-space: break-spaces; or line-break: after-white-space; . I have no idea when it would matter, or why someone would choose one or the other, but it does seem to be expected.

I personally like that dynalist chose after-white-space because that means you dont get weird pastes containing lots of spaces (code?) breaking the whitespace causing lots of spaces at the front of lines - it just appends them all neatly on the end, so your left justification is always non whitespace content

Hmm I remember seeing this as a browser rendering quirk but perhaps some CSS could fix it?