Item/document name not always showing up in "Move item" popup

Steps to reproduce

Move an item.

Expected result

The “Move item” popup appears and shows some recent locations you’ve moved items to.

Actual result

The “Move item” popup appears but it only lists the document path, but not the actual item/document name which should appear above the path.

This doesn’t always happen, but I’ve seen it a couple times on mobile now.

Here is what it looks like when the item/document name does not appear (personal details redacted):

Here is what it looks like when the item/document name does appear (personal details redacted):


Android native app.

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Do they happen to be in other documents, or does it happen to same-document results? I can’t seem to repro on my end so it’d help if you can find some patterns.

All of the suggestions are from different documents. I can repro pretty consistently on the Android native app. It seems to happen right after loading the app (fresh open, not in memory) before opening any other document. If I open one of the documents from the suggestions it then populates the move menu when I try it again (from the original document). It seems like it’s likely a lazy loading issue? It seems that “just waiting” does not solve the issue, as even if I leave it open for a minute the results never populate, I have to actively select another document to get them to load.

I see, it does sound like the other documents aren’t loading into memory which is causing it, but as far as I remember, if it doesn’t find the item, it won’t show up.

Is it possible that all the suggestions you’re seeing are document roots and not a sub-item of the document?

The suggestions shown are folders, not document roots, so they are invalid “move” locations. If I start typing in the “Search for item to move under…” and then hit backspace to clear the box the results are loaded properly. So it doesn’t even seem document loading related, but more specifically a bug with rendering the suggestions for the very first time. I can repro the issue 100% of the time I load Dynalist fresh (not in memory), regardless of what document I start in.

I’ve reproed on both Android Chrome and the native Android app. I would share a video capture but it includes personal data as I can’t control what appears in the suggestion box. I can email the video capture to you directly if that would help, just let me know where to send it.

I can repro now, will investigate why that’s happening.


Can confirm this is now fixed.