Issue in Notes Editing - Moving to the Top of the Notes

Steps to reproduce

  • Go to your list item which already has some notes added (multi-line notes).
  • Now enter the notes using keyboard shortcut.
  • Say I want to edit the note at the top, so I press CTRL+HOME. The usual move to top of the current window shortcut from windows.

Now instead of going to the top of the notes, it goes to the top of the page to my topmost list item. That is so irritating.

Expected result

The CTRL+HOME or the CTRL+SHIFT+HOME should move / select respectively the notes section only. To go to the top of the list, one must come out of the notes editing and then use the same shortcuts.

Actual result

It goes to the top list item instead on that page. There is absolutely no way to reach the top of the notes without using either arrow keys or pageup/down keys.


Which operating system are you using? - Windows
Which browser are you using? - Any browser, same issue.

Additional information

Same goes for moving to the end of the notes from anywhere in the middle. If we use the CRTL+END, it goes to the last list item on the page instead of moving to the end of the notes.

Additional comments

This has been irritating me since the beginning of this service. And this is the only thing that has kept me going back to workflowy or my previous note taking methods. It is the Note editing.

When we want to add a note to a list item, that’s fine with keyboard shortcut. It works well. But when we want to edit this item again, it gets tricky.

So please fix this as this is causing a lot of pain in editing notes. Most of the times I just delete all the notes and all the list items from dynalist and log out for months due to this.

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I forgot notes exist. I disabled it years ago. I always saw notes as just Workflowys workaround for links before they supported proper hyperlinks. They seem shoehorned in what is otherwise a nice outliner. I don’t like that they exist. Yeah, I am no help at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. For you, there may not be any need for noting long paragraphs in your list making. For me however, I use lists as note taking but occasionally, I need to enter long text description for that list item. I can do that by creating a sub-list item under that list item but then that will look so ugly and out of form. And I guess that is the reason for Notes. That’s why it is called notes. And not as a workaround to support some other functionality.