Is this intended behavior? (I hope it is!)

Here’s what I mean:

Basically I wasn’t expecting that when you click on a tag named #link154, any other tag that contains “link154” as an initial segment is also contained in the search. Now, I’m definitely not complaining. I’d regard this to be a feature rather than a bug, because (among other things) it would allow me to use tags to better simulate linking since it allows me to disintinguish source and target.

I just want a confirmation from Dynalist as to whether this is intended behavior and will be kept rather than removed at some future point. Thank you!

It’s complicated…

Basically, this is intended if you don’t put the space at the end. If there’s a space at the end, only full words will match.

The case you showed in the screenshot is an exception, since _ is not considered a word delimiter since it’s part of the Markdown formatting… Try removing the _ after link and you’ll find it not working any more, unless you remove the space at the end of the search query.

I hope that answers you question!