Is there a way to set a date range, for example "12-13th Nov - Trip to the lakes"?

Currently I’m setting fixed dates and then going to the linked calendar and changing the end date.

Is there a way to set a date range either as one date tag with a duration qualifier or as a start and end date tag?

I’ve had a look around the boards and I can see it as a requested feature but I can find it on the trello either to vote on or as implemented… (possibly I am just blind).

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You’re definitely not blind! This feature doesn’t exist in Dynalist yet, you’re right.

Here’s the feature request post that discusses it: Inserting date ranges

I put the dates as !whatever - !whatever.

I guess it makes 2 entires in google calendar but I personally accept the compromise. I use dynalist as my calendar anyway. I keep it all there. I even send gmail messages to it as links and archive them in gmail, so my “to-do” list includes replying to those emails without cluttering my actual gmail inbox.