Is there a way to not show checked itens on a search?

Hello, when I do a search for an item using the “cmd+shift+o” shortcut all the checked itens that match my search also appear in the results. Is there a way to the result only show active itens, i.e. not show checked itens?


Yes, there’s a comprehensive list of search operatives in our FAQ here:

Thanks Thao, for the response. I see if I use the -is:completed operator it would help.

But, the Open and Move commands are an essencial part of my workflow in Dynalist, I used it a lot everyday. I just can’t type the operator every time I use it. :frowning:

I’ll suggest some feature to change that in the right place. Thanks.

Hmm, an option can be added for hiding checked items in Move/Open results, I guess. I think I’ve heard this request many times.


That would be great. I vote for it.

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I am hoping Move becomes more like Search. There are times I want to move to a place but I can’t find it within the Move dialog. Being able to search a document for a parent, expand it, zoom in, scroll down, and then click the Move target would be amazing.

Obviously that would be a lot of work to implement from scratch, but if there’s any inkling of duplicated effort between Move and Search, maybe a commoner base could actually simplify things for development.

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Thanks for the suggestion guys! :heart: