Is there a way to make empty nodes smaller in article view?

I put a break between my paragraphs when I’m writing prose and I am wondering if there is a way with CSS to make the space between paragraphs smaller specifically in article view. It is an empty node between paragraphs so ideally I just want to be able to adjust the height of empty nodes but I am unsure how to accomplish this or if it is possible.

As best I can figure it is not possible directly. You can hack it by doing certain contortions while editing to trigger certain CSS but I doubt you’d find it worthwhile. For example, you can set the height of the note field to a small size,

.is-smallFont .Node-noteContainer {
font-size: 8px;
line-height: 8px;

and then press Shift-Enter Space Shift-Enter to create a small invisible note. This will visually achieve what you want. Worth it?

It is possible to get whatever spacing you please via CSS, but might require a different method than empty nodes. Empty nodes cannot be detected by CSS - they will be treated like any other text node. That’s just because nothing identifies them as empty. You’d have to use a CSS parameter that is special to what you’re trying to do. Have you tried shift-enter to input new lines, rather than using nodes? Give an example document and what exactly you want the spacing to be and maybe someone can knock out a bit of custom CSS.