Is the Move feature Windows OS only?

I may be missing something but the Move feature shown on the blog ( is Windows only?

If so, would you consider updating the post to reflect that?

No it’s not… what made you think so?

So Control + Shift + M is a Windows keyboard combination. For Mac it should be something like Shift + Command + M.

I can’t seem to get the popup and don’t see documentation on that keystroke combination on the Mac app.

Ctrl would be translated to Cmd in Mac language.

If you don’t see the documentation, could it be that you’re not on the latest version? Can you go to Main menu - About to check?

Hi Erica, so no combination works for me using Cmd+Shift+M. I’ve tried every conceivable combination that is close to that but no popup.

I’m on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3

I meant the Dynalist version. You can check that by clicking the icon on the top right corner and chose “About”.

So I tested on a Mac and it seems to work. The option appears in the item menu and Cmd+Shift+M works.

Mystery solved. I was on an old version of the software. Clicking the About link showed a message stating an update was available and restarting the app would upgrade the version.

Now Shift + Cmd + M shows the pop-up!

Thank you!


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Greeeat! Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Quick follow up - am I supposed to be getting a pop up when a new version is ready? I did not get one on my MacBook Air, my iMac at work or via mobile browser. Not a big issue but would welcome these in the future.

You will in the future, as your old version didn’t have the update pop-up. It was pretty recent.