Is that a fast way of clearing search?

Is there an easy way of clearing search?

One of the things about workflowy that I really like that isn’t in dynalist is fast and easy evernote-style tagging navigation

E.G. this video

this gif sums it up

The issue with dynalist is its too slow to do this form of navigation

Workflowy method:

(1) Click on top level list tag
(2) Zoom into the selected node

Dynalist method:

(1) Click top level list tag
(2) Zoom into the node
(3) Clear out the search

Is there a way to just remove that last unnecessary step? Perhaps, if you zoom in a list, it should auto clear the search

the only i can see it working is pressing the shortcut hotkey twice , ctrl+shift+f. for (3)


I just run a macro ctrl+alt+f to simulate ctrl+shift+f (twice), but I’d really like for the workflowy workflow to be defaulted

it would also be nice to have all bulletpoints be wide open instead of collapsed as well, when you click a designated bulletpoint

example: workflowy

dynalist has all these bulletpoints collapsed when you click on the parent bullet node, making tag searches kind of tedious to use

Example of how dynalist handles it, (which is tedious)

During a search, when you click the cat1 bulletpoint or cat2 bulletpoint, it should automatically show “Cat In The Hat” INSTANTLY as opposed to manually clicking each child bulletpoint

This should be the default imo and this is how workflowy does it

You just need to press Esc once.