Is it possible to have a public list remember the collapsed/expanded sections?

Is it possible to have a public list respect/apply the collapsed/expanded sections? This is critical to using Dynalist to create content that is readable like a webpage or article, with weedy details hidden.

Maybe there could also be a “lock” for lines that stay either collapsed or expanded after collapse/expand-all is used. This lock info could be saved and accessible to the user, so if they are using Dynalist for project management it could be backed up (from c/e-all actions). I know there are checkboxes, but they strikethrough which is hard to read when looking back on something that is marked done. Also they dont record c/e state which is visually more readable than a long page of strikedthrough lines.

Also, it would be very helpful if the scroll location was saved after clicking into a topic (sometimes accidentally) to open it in it’s own page.

No, the only options are all expanded and all collapsed. To get the collapsed public link, click share and checkmark this

I have not found a way to make public dynalist documents look like as a public webpage, unfortunately. Notion is my favorite for that, instead.

I just found this awesome tool called Logseq (opensource version of Roam Research) and it can publish an outliner to the web:

It has a ton of other features…