Is it possible to execute a command line from inside dynalist?

Hi, I would like to use dynalist to index some e-mails in outlook. For this to be feasible, I need to be able to execute a command line to open the e-mails, much like with the links to websites or local files.

The command line I would like to execute is something like:

outlook.exe /select outlook:0000000023DD1CFA85A77544AFFD528DA3151CDD07003EAF6F11EE285548BE459FE6D750DAC60001267AF44D00003EAF6F11EE285548BE459FE6D750DAC60001CBB2DA400000

Is this possible?



Sorry, I don’t think it’s possible. I think you can do outlook:// protocol in Dynalist, but it seems that Outlook stopped supporting that a while back:


Hi Erica, with the workaround for the missing protocol this worked great!! I applied the registry patch recommended in and I created the links to the e-mails like any other link:

[Indexed e-mail #1]

Thank you for your reply, this one is solved for me!

Just added a new mega productivity enhancement to my dynalist.

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Great to hear my Google search was helpful! :smiley: