iOS share extension gone with 1.3.1 upgrade

Steps to reproduce

I upgraded the Dynalist iOS app from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1

Expected result

I expected the two improvements described in Version History, including a bug where the share extension (“inbox capture”) sometimes wouldn’t work on the first try.

Actual result

The Dynalist share extension vanished and is no longer available.


An iPhone 6 running iOS 12.0.1.

Additional information

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Dynalist – didn’t fix it.

Additional comments

I was going to request the following improvement(s) to the share extension: allow customization, including the option to put URL in note rather than as Markdown link (or ideally to edit a capture template which can incorporate title, URL, date, and other text and formatting, in item title and/or in note), the option to edit both item title and note while capturing, and the option to capture without prompting. But first I just want the share extension to become available again.

Since writing the above, I updated iOS to 12.1.4. I believe I then checked and the Dynalist share extension was still missing. But yesterday (about a day or two after updating iOS) I noticed it had returned. I don’t know if the update, or something else, caused it to reappear.