Ios Home Screen function not allowing login

Steps to reproduce

  1. From Safari on iOS 10 (iPhone 7+), create a Dynalist “Home Screen” icon.
  2. After an unusually long pause, the login view appears.
  3. Click on “Sign in with Google” button.
  4. Screen goes all white; dynalist never appears.

Expected result

Dynalist should appear

Actual result

No login; white screen only.


iOS 10.3 on iphone 7 using Safari.

Additional information

A workaround seems to exist, where instead of clicking “Sign in with Google” you click the “Login” link at the top of the screen.

Additional comments

Can reproduce on my iPhone.

I’ve experienced this too and I simply tap the Login button. I think the only time the login will actually work is if the browser cache is empty (clear the History), otherwise the Login button should open the page.

I agree that this workaround is effective, but it requires an extra step and, more importantly, you have to know about it or stumble across it. New users looking to evaluate Dynalist as an “app” will try out the home screen option, do the obvious thing, and find that it fails. They may never click on the Login button at the top. It took me quite a few attempts before it occurred to me to try that.

Absolutely right. The workaround should not be considered a fix but a re-evaluation for the developers to see if the connection can expire in a reasonable time and force a login that won’t use cache memory.

While this a bit odious to have to login again after 1/3/5 hours, it is safer and may fix this issue.

Can iOS be considered a fix?..

I think the problem is this:

When you create a home screen webpage, it’s separated from the main Safari app, meaning it doesn’t share any data with Safari. So if you’re logged into Google on your Safari browser, it wouldn’t work in the home screen app. By double tapping the home button you can see that they are two different apps.

The “correct” way to do this is using an iOS app if you want it on the home screen. So that means either use is entirely within Safari the browser OR download an app in the future.

Does that make sense…?

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