iOS frequently freezing and requiring restart

Steps to reproduce

After extended use on iOS (iPad usually), but same problem seen on iPhone, the application just freezes and does nothing. Waiting for a while doesn’t help and requires a restart of the app.

I am a classroom environment and using Dynalist all day long. This happens once or twice, sometimes multiple times in a day.

The only thing I can say that is different than before is my documents are larger (though I can’t say they are huge), just a lot more notes.

Expected result

I expect app to not completely freeze.


IPad 10.5 pro and iPhone X.
Experienced on iOS 11 and version 12

Additional information

I was using extensively Custom CSS, but disabled that for a few days and the problem still persists.

With the new year’s update to iOS this is greatly improved. I can now use the app most times without any freezing. Since the update it did freeze on me once (when I first launched it in the morning), but otherwise my experience has been positive. A big thank you to the developers for finally addressing this long standing issue.

I spoke too soon :frowning: Turns out I still have to force-quit the app and restart at least once or twice a day. It is better than before, but not there yet.

Can someone tell me where we are on this? It freezes up on my IPhone on about 60% of the time. Other than this, love both desktop and IOS. Thanks.