iOS empty screens reference Windows-only keyboard shortcuts

Steps to reproduce

  • Open up app after it’s not in background, which starts the process of loading a long document
  • Incorrect Windows-only keyboard shortcuts are displayed in screen while data is loaded, such Ctrl-O and Ctrl-Z. This is obviously impossible to “press” on an iPhone.

Expected result

  • Expect to see tips appropriate to iOS


iOS 11.2, latest Dynalist

Additional information



I agree about Ctrl+O, since it’s an instruction on a static page, which we expect the user to follow, we’ll fix that.

Regarding Ctrl+Z, I think it’s fine. It’s reasonable to us to expect that the user might use web/desktop to make the best of Dynalist? We can add that bit of clarification (“use Ctrl+Z on web or desktop”) to make it clearer.

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Another one that I’ve seen is Ctrl-Shift-M I believe, but didn’t capture screenshot of that one.

It’s up to you if you only want to add clarifying text about “desktop”. But my desktop happens to be macOS, so Ctrl-Z is not even correct there. I think tips should be platform-specific, but if you’re going to show cross-platform tips, at least iOS users would be more interested in seeing Mac-specific shortcuts, not Windows.

Ok, I’ll search the codebase for that one too.

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