iOS 13.3 - Dynalist app keeps refreshing

Steps to reproduce

Open the Dynalist app.

Expected result

View loads and stays loaded

Actual result

After a few seconds, the view becomes less responsive, then refreshes.


iOS 13.3
Dynalist app 1.4.2

Additional information

Here’s a video of what’s happening:

That’s interesting… Did it start happening recently, or did you just start using the app? Do you remember anything happening to your Dynalist account (creating new documents, etc) before this started happening?

I’m a new user. Just started using dynalist in the last week.

I did have an issue.

I imported a large workflowy list initially that caused the web app to be laggy. I tried to use the move feature to move a few hundred nested lists to another document. I tried a few times without success.

I then moved the items in smaller chunks by using copy/paste instead of ‘move items’. This worked as expected.

The web app hasn’t been giving me any problems.

Thanks for all your help. Love the level of support you’re providing for your users.

Would you have an idea how many items existed in your workflowy document? I would suggest archiving the large document so they aren’t loaded when you use the app normally (which can hopefully fix your crash).

I’ve seen this kind of (continuous) crash previously when the app runs into a memory limit, so that’s what I’d suspect it to be.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Those were very large lists and archiving them solved the issue.

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