Internal Link Back to Main Page Goes to Last visited SubPage

I’m uncertain if this is a glitch or just what to expect.
Link back to a Doc takes you to the last visited subItem’s page instead of the main doc page.

Staging the problem (first)…
… • Entry1
… • Link to DocB

… • Link Back to DocB
… • Link to Entry1 in DocA

Reproducing the problem
Start at DocA, click link to goto DocB
Then while in DocB, click link to goto Entry1 in DocA
Using the back button goback to DocB
NOW, Within DocB click link to goto DocA
Result: You end up at Entry1 of DocA, NOT the base page.

This is the same within the Desktop App OR in a Web Browser.

If this is the expected behavior, then I have to include an instruction to the user/visitor how to actually return to DocA.

Platform Win7, recent download of Dynalist, using FF and Chrome, and everything up to date .
Also reproduced on various browsers in old XP system I keep up.


I think this is expected, the last visited position was remembered because that’s what many people prefer at least.

If you want to force going to the root item, please append #z=root to the internal link. That should help.

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Thanks Erica -did the trick!