Integrate CSS library to more easily activate/deactivate css-configuration and increase UI experience

The custom CSS feature is really great. You can make some valuable changes to dynalist. There are some really good custom CSS in the posts here. Also there are whole “designs” including some nice ideas.

Finally I went through different posts and css and extracted the parts, I need. This become really unmanagable patchwork.

What about a way to activate/deactive some (good) CSS-features. Perhaps we can have a list in the properties to activate some popular snippets. This way you dont need to touch the dynalist code-base for every feature. But as user I can easily extend the functionality without to much hazzle.

Thinking further, we could have kind of common css-library. In opposite to the whole design-css, there are only simple features added and choosable (e.g. image size, …)

It could be user maintained as on own risk with a fallback.

One more further. There could be a little “package” format like this:

title: title of css-feature (e.g. resize inline images)
description: what does this feature do (e.g. resize inline images)
author: name/mail
dynalist-version: dynalist version/release this css-feature is tested to work
parameters: list of paramaters to change (e.g. width, height)