Install Dynalist for multiple users on Windows 10

Hi! My laptop has Windows 10 with two accounts. For some reason, Dynalist is only installed under an administrator account. But how can I install Dynalist for the second one, non-admin account?

Hmm I think the installer only installs to the current user folder, so you’ll have to install again for the other user.

Thank you for reply, Shida!

In my win10-installer of Dynalist there is no option of changing the destination folder :frowning: Is it normal? I don’t know.

Sorry for the late reply - Yeah, we’re using the “one click” installer that Electron comes with. I think there is a way to make an installer that prompts for an install location, but that’s usually not the default with electron apps these days.

For a workaround you can manually move the installed app over to the shared program files. It’s located at C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Dynalist, just make sure to fix any shortcuts after the move.

After moved, does auto-update to newer ver still work at the new location?

Yup it should still work