Inline and code blocks are not rendering properly in search

Steps to reproduce

Create an item with either an inline code segment or code block.

For example:

Inline code: `Foobar`


Inline code block: ```Foobar```

Then search for the text inside of the code segment (Ctrl+F).

Expected result

When performing regular/flat/global search (Ctrl+F, Ctrl+Enter) the items should render properly if the item is a part of the search term.

Actual result

The opening single backtick (for inline) or triple backticks (for code block) are also rendered inside of the fixed-width font formatted code block. See below:






Chrome Windows 10.

Found the issue and prepared a patch, will be released next deployment.

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This looks to be fixed for code blocks (triple backticks), but not for regular inline code (single backticks).