Increase UPLOAD quota (current 1GB/month) for Pro users

This is to suggest that higher monthly upload limits than 1GB to be allocated to the Pro users.

I have reached the 1GB upload limit at the middle of the month leaving me difficulty in continuing my work in Dynalist without the ability to attach images and documents. I guess I have to wait for 2 weeks before I can have the NEW allocation of 1GB as the new month begins.

This post also intended to seek advice from the community on interim solutions for the problem apart from removing my previous uploads. Thank you for reading.


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Interesting, I never get even close to 1GB. I guess it depends on what you use it for. In general, you can upload images / other files to other services and just link to them. Simplest case: Use dropbox / google drive / onedrive etc and use the direct link in your dynalist.

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It’d be neat if it could upload to google drive instead of dynalist server. It just spits out a URL after all. 100GB on google drive is just $2 a month, and dynalist already saves some stuff there. I know it doesnt help, it just made me imagine it.

Sometimes I save stuff to google drive with the chrome extension, maybe try it until your quota resets. I usually use 100MB a month, probably because I use google and gmail for big files and dynalist for small files.