Include filepath information

Specifically having something like:

  1. When clicking on a file, display the file in the left-hand panel, with all the parent folders going to the root directory also displaying. This is relevant for example when clicking on a link to another dynalist file from the first file - in these cases the second file will simply appear, but the user will not be shown the file’s filepath).
  2. More importantly (in my opinion), at the top of each file, display the full filepath. Example: a file with filepath ./dir1/subdir1/filepath1, might be displayed as dir1/subdir1/filepath1 at the top of the document, with each of the parent folders (in this case dir1, subdir1), being clickable, linking to that folder in the left-hand panel.

A related post is Display the file path on the left panel, but it wasn’t addressed.

Thanks - Dynalist is a really great program.

Oh I see what you mean.

  1. If you [[ link to another document, and click the link, it’s parent folder remains collapsed in the sidebar until you manually uncollapse it. You want it to auto-expand.

  1. You want breadcrumbs to include the folders and subfolders before the document name

Makes sense.

Yup pretty much!