Inbox issues in latest web version

This just started about an hour ago: in my settings under Your inbox it started saying Your inbox destination is not set (even though it is…).

If I just leave the settings window open for a couple of minutes it then changes to say Your inbox destination is "Inbox" under document "Extra" (which is correct). However if I refresh the page it then goes back to saying it’s not set.

I noticed this when I went to do a quick capture and saw the following error:

Even when the setting says the proper message (Your inbox destination is...) quick capture still fails.

This started happening after I refreshed to the latest in-browser version when I saw the “your version is out of date message” a couple of hours ago.

I think it’s because this “Extra” location is not loaded yet (I’m guessing your Dynalist is quite big, is it?). Dynalist does background loading, which reduces load time, but sometimes result in problems like this.

I believe it’s always like this though. @Shida: Did we change anything about this in the last commit?

I don’t think we changed anything in the last few deployments. The issue is that documents are not all loaded the moment the web page opens, and some documents are queued to load after others.

One solution I can see is to prioritize the inbox document if it exists.

As a workaround, you can open the document to force-prioritize it when you refresh the web page. There’s also the another option of using the desktop app which loads all documents as soon as possible with minimal delays (because it’s stored on disk).

Here’s some more info:

  • Capturing to Inbox while in Extra works.
  • Navigating to Extra and then to another document properly populates the Inbox setting (even when in a different document). However, even then capture fails (while in another document).
  • Even after waiting >10 minutes it still fails to capture, so it’s not an issue of “it just hadn’t fully loaded yet”.

It seems like something’s preventing the Extra document from being loaded when I’m in another document, regardless of how long I give it to background load. Is there a limited number of documents that can be open in the background? If so, what’s the caching policy?

Unfortunately using the desktop app isn’t feasible for me as I keep many instances of Dynalist open for different documents across browser windows and devices.

I just discovered something that seems to clearly indicate that the Extra document is loaded, and I still can’t capture.

When I first refresh Dynalist and attempt to use Item Finder (Ctrl-Shift-O) to search for Inbox nothing comes up (as Extra hasn’t loaded yet). After 10-20 seconds I perform the search and it now appears in the results, indicating the document has loaded successfully. However, in this state capture to inbox still fails with the red error message!

This seems to clearly indicate that this is not related to the document not being loaded yet.

I’m happy to provide any other debug info that you need, just let me know.

Another datapoint: I found an older browser window up that still had the Please refresh to get latest version message. I did Ctrl+S to make sure that it was synced (e.g. same number of documents/items as my other windows where I’m seeing the issue), and tested capturing there and it worked! So I think this is related to the latest web release.

Even if the Capture to inbox feature wasn’t modified recently, was there anything changed with how documents are loaded or referenced that could have affected this code path?

Gotcha I’ll take a look. There was a ton of code refactors recently so maybe something broke there.

Will let you know what I find soon.

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Was there any errors in the console by any chance?

Yes there is!


That explains it! I’ll see what I can do.

Fixed and deployed. Sorry we didn’t believe you at first :dizzy_face:

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Can confirm it’s working again, thanks for getting this fix out so fast!

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