Inbox as a Folder

Dear support,
I was an Evernote user for several years and I heard about Dynalist and I’ve decided to try it out. I’m loving the app is really simple and I’m loving it. Unfortunately I’m having problems with the way you implemented the Inbox and I’m missing an Archive folder

My usual workflow.
1.1. I see something interesting on the web or receive an email and I don’t have time for taking care this now. I capture it in my Inbox to take care of it later. And after solving it I put in an Archive folder
1.2. I make a small note on something that I heard or have a quick thought I like to capture it in my Inbox.
2. Each Saturday I go to the Inbox Folder I see every notes that I did I take a look at the email or articles that I need to solve or read and I archive it in an Archive Folder. If the thoughts and notes are important I will organize it in a specific folder, the ones that are not I will just delete or archive.

The way you implemented the Inbox (as a document) does not allow this workflow. What do you guys think? I think if you implemented one Inbox and one Archive folder it could be quite helpful for everyone’s workflow.

I don’t understand the request. Couldn’t you just put your thoughts in the inbox node (possibly with sub nodes) and create an archive folder / document / node ?