In non-edit mode on mobile, allow the use of the sliding function bar

When in non-edit mode on mobile, at the moment you can select items (they go slightly darker) which is nice, however you can’t do anything with them. I think it would work really well if in this mode, of course keep it as it is that the keyboard doesn’t pop up, but allow the function bar to pop up at the bottom of the screen. This would allow you to select items, move them around, change their color etc without the annoyance of the keyboard popping up constantly (which is very frustrating when you are trying to do a bit of housekeeping like sorting your inbox, rearranging a section etc). It also wouldn’t in my opinion detract at all from the point of this mode (to allow you to navigate around without accidentally editing an item or accidentally dragging things all over the place). I think this would provide a substantial increase to the functionality of mobile dynalist. Thank you! Stephen


Thanks for the suggestion, @Stephen_Dewitt!

Not sure about this part, do you mean the light blue color selection around the item? How did you trigger that?

Yes I do mean that. This is pretty weird actually, I’m playing around with it now (chrome app on android) and it is very intermittent - currently it is selecting the item about 25% of the time (maybe less) and there is also sometimes a delay - hopefully if you press around enough you will replicate?

I see. Has it always been like this or is it from a recent update? Could it appear only after the non-adjacent selection update?

I’m not sure I’m afraid :frowning:

Got it, thanks!