Improve Search to find items in flat list

I pasted a medium-long document, hundreds of lines, with the purpose of converting it to an outline. I need to find a line of text within that long document.

I have absolutely no way to locate that item, in context, except manual scrolling until I spot it.

I attempted to use search to find an item. I found the item, but if I click into it, I see only the item. If I zoom out, I see only the start of the document. What I need (and I have always wanted this, it’s just an acute problem here) is to set the cursor to the selected item, in the context of its parent. I don’t want to zoom into that item in isolation, and I don’t want to go to the item’s parent.

I can’t reproduce that, mine works the way you want.

I click the bullet of them desired item, then press the hotkey for zoom out a couple times to get to the document level, and my cursor is still blinking at the end of the desired item. If I begin to type, the document view jumps down to see it, and my text goes into that item.

I’m using Chrome on MacOS.

Hm, you’re right if you press a key it scrolls down. But still, that’s not obvious because the cursor is off-screen until you do that.