Improve inbox processing: moving an item under a new parent item

Use case
When I have an item in my Inbox and want to move it underneath an item that already exists, I can do this easily (Ctrl + Shift + M; search and boom).

But when I want this inbox item to sit inside an item that doesn’t yet exist, I must navigate away from the inbox, go to the list/place in the list I want to add this new parent item, add it, navigate back to the inbox, find the item I was working on, then move it under the newly created parent item. This is slow and distracting.

Example to illustrate:
I have an item in the inbox called “install car rack.” I want this to go under a parent item called, “Ski Trip” that doesn’t exist yet.

I would like the ability to create the new parent item in it’s proper place without having to leave the inbox.

If I am on a desktop, I can open Dynalist in a new browser tab to add the new parent item where it should go then switch back to the other tab to continue processing the inbox. This work-around does not work on the mobile apps.

Possible implementation
On possible implementation of this request is to turn the My Files sidebar into a tree that lets users

  • Expand
  • Collapse
  • Add
  • Edit
  • (probably not delete; this could make it way to easy to do big damage)

files or items anywhere within files.

For reference, this is how Workflowy handles this. They also let me drag and drop items from the larger pane to the sidebar. Very nice.


Say if you want the new “Ski Trip” to be created under “Vacation plan”, you can write “Ski Trip” and use Ctrl+Shift+M to move it under “Vacation plan” first, and then create your “install car rack” item. Does that work?

Yes, yes, yes. Of course it does.

(I am embarrassed I didn’t see that solution despite having used Dynalist for quite a while now. :hot_face: )

Thank you, Erica. Off to plan a ski trip.


Happy skiing! :smiley: