Impossible to cut/copy & paste in iOS

In the most recent Dynalist update for iOS that added the customizable toolbar button (thank you for that), it has now become impossible to copy/cut anything within an item. Always the first word you select gets highlighted along with the rest of the item to the very end of the item. Impossible to highlight just a word or two. Also, after you attempt that, the app frequently just freezes, you need to force-quit it and start all over again. This issue isn’t there in the Android app. Thank you for fixing this.

(PS: In fact, even the “select all” command in the iOS app doesn’t work. It’s impossible to select anything in an item – neither individual words, nor entire item. Impossible to drag the selection handles anywhere.)

Huh that’s right… So weird that it works on Safari but not on the app.

Investigating right now.

Found a fix for it. Will be patched in the next release.

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