Import lists/to-dos from Wunderlist

I got a ton of lists in Wunderlist so to be able to import them to Dynalist would be great!

I believe they have an API for importing. Is the structure suitable for importing to Dynalist though? How many level can a Wunderlist account have? (I’m not sure if it allows subtasks or not)

Yes, I think it’s pretty suitable since Wunderlist’s structure is very straight forward and they do allow subtasks. The first level is essentially the task itself and you can optionally add subtasks to it. But I believe you can’t add subtasks below that.
I forgot to mention, Wunderlist uses folders. So the structure is basically:
1 - Folder
2 - List
3 - Main task(s)
4 - Subtasks
Pretty much how Dynalist handles it in a basic level.

Good to know, so it’s appropriate to import the entire Wunderlist account as a document called “Wunderlist”.


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