Import JSON files?

I am curious if Dynalist will import JSON files. I would like to bring my data from Roam Research. Thanks!

JSON is a format, not a specification, so it really depends on how they implemented their export.

Could you post some sample JSON data so we can take a look?

sorry, I did mean format. :upside_down_face: I’ll post something shortly. Thanks!

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I’m not sure if this is helpful but this is what I can grab from the JSON export:

array [1]
0 {5}
create-email : michaelp6of7
create-time : 1578760047750


title : quotes
edit-time : 1578760047767


edit-email : michaelp6of7

It appears that Roam allows now a Markdown export as well. Is that easier to import to Dynalist?

Unfortunately Markdown needs to be rendered and then copied. For example you can use this website:

Paste Markdown on the left, and on the right you’ve got HTML that you can copy & paste into Dynalist. It’s indeed a pain for a large number of pages :frowning:

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