Images pasted into Dynalist are too large

Steps to reproduce

Take a screenshot of part of your screen. Copy this and paste it into Dynalist.

Expected result

Screenshot shows up in Dynalist the same size as the original.

Actual result

The image shows up significantly larger than its true size, and takes up significantly more screen space than the original.


Windows 10, Dynalist Windows App or Chrome.

Additional information

Here is an example:

I used “snipping tool” to screenshot a portion of this help page. Then I pasted that into Dynalist. It’s significantly larger in Dynalist.

The image is 475115 pixels, and my monitor is set to 27361824. So the image should take up only about 17% of the width of the screen. In fact, in Dynalist it takes up about 31%; it shows up as about 855 pixels wide.

Additional comments

I’m not sure this is exactly a bug; I don’t understand how applications and Windows decide how big to make images well enough to say. But regardless, it’s difficult to capture images and paste them because many are unworkably large once I paste them. I wind up shrinking the document down before screen capturing, then resetting the document back to normal afterwards.

Is there a way to make the images appear the same size in Dynalist and the source I copy them from?