Image resizing!


Hi, @Vincent_Tang I appreciate all your insight and posts on the board. Might there be a solution for images to be responsive, filling the available space whether on desktop or mobile as opposed to being limited by pixel width?

Thank you!


I played around with it and am getting scaled images by using this:

img.node-displayed-image {
max-width: 100%;
max-height: 100%;

I am using this for featured images (in notes, below document titles).


What happened here - the markdown syntax [[20px]] seems an exceptionally easy fix that resolves every concern raised (including mine today, hence posting here).




We got Sakura AND Sci-Fi theme this year, what more do you want!?!?

Just kidding. Maybe Erica will add it to the trello (their bug tracker of stuff they’re working on)

I don’t know if it’s easy. I mean github markdown doesnt even let you resize images. I don’t know what flavor markdown library dynalist is using or if they baked it themselves.

Personally I’d rather have other features than this, the CSS hover to 100% of little one-liner thumbnails works perfect for all my needs. Anything else would look messy. But that’s just me.


I’d assume that considering it’s already using Markdown that adding [[20px]] would be easy.
But hey, you know what they say about assumptions.

@Erica if you let us know we wont have to assume anymore?


Which flavor of markdown has resizing images as a feature? 20px in github markdown doesnt do anything.