I just lost a HUGE list i was working on in the Windows app

Is there anything you can do to help me restore it??? i swear i did not delete it… i was just arranging content in the doc list. PLEASE HELP. this is painful!!!

I think i figured it out! got my list back but had to remove all people invited to it. I originally had it outside of a folder with specific people invited… moved it into a folder with the same people invited… then that’s where things went wrong. fixed the issue by removing permissions for others. I have a video of this discovery as well… Video of my Bug find

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Hmm it seems that somehow the document itself has been shared with other people, but was also residing in a shared folder. This is something our system should have detected and explicitly disallowed, but for some reason it wasn’t caught, which is why it behave weirdly.

As long as nested sharing doesn’t happen, files shouldn’t behave that way. Would you have any idea how that file ended up that way?

Btw, thanks a lot for the video. It was super helpful!

I know it wasn’t in a shared folder at first. but then i made a shared folder invited the same people and moved it… that’s when it began. i’m just glad to have not lost anything :slight_smile:

I see. We’ll double check on our end what cases it could lead to nested shares. Thanks again for reporting this!


I just lost a list through this exact method. Is there any way to recover it? @Shida

Nvm - I was able to recover after unsharing things.

That’s interesting… I believe we added extra checks so this doesn’t happen by accident again, not sure why you still ran into it.