I cant select "[[" search results to create internal links

Steps to reproduce

  1. Type “[[”
  2. Type a few characters
  3. Click a highlighted result - nothing happens
  4. Press return on highlighted result - a line break is added
  5. Undo the return and press tab - a tab is added

Expected result

I would expect the highlighted search result to be turned into an internal link.

Actual result

The search result window stays open. No internal link is created.


OSX 10.14.6
Chrome 77 and Firefox 69
Using the in browser app

Additional comments

The documentation does not really say how you are supposed to select an item in the list. Given that i would assume it would just be something intuitive like clicking it or pressing return. Is there some other way i’m supposed to be selecting the search result?

I’m experiencing this as well, tried in chrome & firefox. It was working yesterday.

I see the same behavior, Windows/Chrome.

Agreed. Definite bug. Can we give this one a priority fix?

Hi guys, confirmed and we’re fixing it right now. I’ll update here once it’s fixed!

@Aaron_Szymanski @XXD @Craig_Oliver @pottster:

Update: fixed. Really sorry!

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Awesome, it’s working! Thank you!

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Tremendous. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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