Huge Gap between Bullets since the New September Release

Steps to reproduce

Sporadic. Hard to reproduce intentionally

Expected result

Normal format

Actual result

Huge gap


MacOSX 10.14.6 using the latest version of the Dynalist mac app (the release with the new Archive function)

Additional information

Opening and closing the app removes the problem., but it’s happening to me regularly.

After app restart:


Haven’t had heard other reports on this.

Do you use any custom CSS?

Aye. Here’s the custom CSS I use. Notice any gotcha’s?

@media print { .node-tag { display: none !important; } } > .Node-self .Node-content, > .Node-self .Node-renderedContent {
text-decoration: none !important;
color: inherit !important;

As I mentioned, this has only started happening since the new app release today. Never experienced it before, and I’m a daily user of Dynalist.

Tried repro, as you said I can’t repro with this simple setup:


It looks like something is holding that space though. Does the size of the gap match the size of “Order List Page (DR-23.09.19).png”?