How to print a document with hilighting?

I’m pressing ctrl+p to print a pdf of my notes but it’s ignoring the highlights I’ve created with the ==== tags. How can I fix this?

Thanks for the amazing software by the way it has completely revolutionalised the way I make revision notes for mathematics and it allows me to iterate on and develop my ideas in a way that I’ve never done before

Well there are two possible ways that come to mind, both a bit messy or complicated.

One is to checkmark “Background graphics” in the print dialog.

The other is to write Custom CSS using a Pro subscription. You can see the current print stylings at . I see it forces background as white, which might mean my first suggestion won’t work.

To overrule the default print styling, youll wrap some custom CSS in the print media like so

@media print {
    .mod-color-label-3 {
        background-color: #6f5a02;