How to mark/unmark all items done?

Hi, guys, I found i can’t mark all items(with multiple hierarchical relationship) done by selecting them all. Only first level items can be marked/unmarked. This is conflicted with the definition of "select all“ .
How do you think that?


This is debatable, since in an hierarchical system like Dynalist, when you check the parent, the children get greyed out and hidden (if you set checked items to hidden) too.

Could you reword the title a bit please? It sounds more like a question than a bug report. Or you could transfer it to the Help or General category. Thanks in advance!

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I know, but in workflowy, It’s working in that way, When selecting all items, whatever completed or uncompleted, whatever which level, a “complete all” operation always can be done.

I see, thanks for the input.

If anyone else agrees with this, please like the OP or comment below. Thanks! :slight_smile:

en, thanks for your warm reply. I will also try some workaround to solve it temporarily.

What I do agree is that there are some inconsistencies within Dynalist regarding whether actions should applied to all selected items or just the top level items. For example, if you hit Ctrl+B while selecting, the child items become bold too.

Hmm, not very consistent.

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Thanks anyway, the only scenario for me is checking/unchecking all items for using a checklist(like travel preparation) repeatedly.
so, if it’s not the way of most ppl, i m not very consistent too.

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