How to Change Color of "Highlight Current Item" Feature with CSS?

In the Dynalist settings, there is an option to Highlight Current Item, which changes the background of the item/node you are currently editing so you don’t get lost. The problem is that I use dark mode, and it’s actually pretty hard to see the altered background color of the item I’m currently editing even with that option enabled. Is there a way with CSS to change this background color of the current item into a bit lighter gray?

Thanks so much in advance!

You can target it with {
    background: {your color};

P.S. It stands out pretty clearly to me. Maybe it’s a personal thing :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. However, it didn’t seem to do the trick. To be clear, I’m not talking about anything to do with the background color of nodes that are overdue. I’m referring to the bar in the left margin of the currently selected node (i.e., the node where the cursor is blinking). In the image below, you can faintly see the grayish bar next to the line that begins with “Search for an answer…”


I want to change the color of that bar so that I can more quickly identify where the cursor is on the screen.

Ohhh my bad, sorry somehow I was thinking you’re talking about the overdue days. That option is called “highlight overdue items” :sweat_smile:

For that bar, please customize this rule:

.CurrentLineHighlight {
    background: white;

Sorry again!

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