How should the upload manager sort files by?

If adding an option ends up being too much to implement (for various reasons), should the default change? I’m going to assume that size won’t matter since the sort option isn’t implemented yet.

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This topic used to be:

####How does the upload manager sort files/uploads by?

E.g., is in ascending/descending order?

You mean the upload manager?

Yes, my bad. #20char

It’s by chronological order (oldest to newest).

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Ok, thank you. I’m going to change this into a feature request and will add a poll to it.

Bumping this in case someone else would like to vote or if this is something that could be easily changed.

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I go into the upload manager regularly to delete a file here or there. Usually this is a file I’ve uploaded recently. As my list of files becomes longer, being able to sort new to old would be really nice. (And I voted wrong, lol)

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it should be newest to oldest, since when i go on file manager I want to see my most recent links

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You should be able to change it, but either way, the current majority is leaning towards newest to oldest.

Ok, we’ll change that! Newest to oldest does make more sense, similar to the Dropbox UI.

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