How I use Dynalist

I think the Dynalist is the fastest way to jot down my idea and brainstorming without locking out my thought because the flow of writing is so smooth, keep writing and writing, then think later.

I think the features that make Dynalist so effective:-

  • write first and think later, building up from a small momentum to productivity
  • we always forget things, grab your idea quick with complete freedom
  • the idea always come from flash, doesn’t force you to organize your note and idea
  • every note is equal, no forcing you to create a connection

I have shared how I use the Dynalist to practice and build up a good conversation at the following link.

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Thanks for sharing, @vincentteoh! :smiley:

This is how I use Dynalist to stay focus and be more productivity. Lets Dynalist hold your ideas for you :slight_smile:

And, I wish to have the recurring task function in Dynalist.


my pleasure :slight_smile:


I will write the English version if I have time :slight_smile: